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Today : 2020.07.07

AOSPR 2019 Travel Grant Awardees
Country Abstract Number Presenter Name Abstract Title
AOSPR_2019_OF002 Ai Peng Tan Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Craniosynostosis,
Replacing Ionising Radiation-Based Computed Tomography
AOSPR_2019_OF004 Alexa Edna Mae Jusi Diagnostic Accuracy of Lateral Abdominal Radiographs
Among Pediatric Patients in Detecting Hirschsprung Disease
AOSPR_2019_OF007 Dhananjaya Kotebagilu Narayana Vamyanmane MRI and Neurosonogram correlation of paediatric brain
with dystocia
AOSPR_2019_OF016 Joanna Marie Choa Are Academic Involvements of Radiology Trainees
in Pediatrics Enough?
Preliminary Results of a Global Perspective
AOSPR_2019_OF018 Wang Shujie Monitoring Postoperative Neurocognitive Dysfunction
through the Use of Radiomics based on MRI in Children
with Moyamoya
AOSPR_2019_OF023 Jihang Sun Improving image quality of Aorta and pulmonary artery root
for children with high heart rates using second-generation motion correction algorithm
AOSPR_2019_OF030 Xin Wang The quantitative study on value of intrahepatic lipid content in obese children and adolescents by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy
United States
AOSPR_2019_OF056 Dhruv Patel Ileocolic Intussusception: Demographics and Radiological Findings Associated with Patients who Failed Enema and Required Surgical Reduction
AOSPR_2019_OF059 Akio Inage Clinical significance of myocardial dysfunction in right ventricular heart disease assessed by cardiac magnetic resonance-based feature-tracking
AOSPR_2019_OF063 Ishan Kumar Cardiac T2* MR analysis of membranous interventricular septum in assessment of cardiac iron overload in pediatric thalassemia patients: a pilot study
AOSPR_2019_OF064 Ishan Kumar Atypical and uncommon MR Imaging manifestations of pediatric CNS tuberculosis

* The grant will be given at the registration desk after 15:00 on September 26 & 27.

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